About Lianyi

15+ years manufactuer experience,specializes in the design and manufacturing of quality mattresses for home and hotel.

Our mattresses are manufactured with long-lasting, quality craftsmanship. We have done the research and gathered the right materials so you can focus on what really counts-giving yourself and your family a healthier sleep environment. So we passionately strive to deliver innovative quality products – we make it safer,simpler, easier and more affordable for you to focus on creating beautiful moments with your family.


New Products

This mattress holds your body and conforms around your curves perfectly. The firm structure adds that extra something that you need when getting ready for a great nights sleep.

“Each Seperate Pocketed Coil is Individually & Independantly Wrapped to Provide a Support System for an Individualized Comfort by Contouring Precisely to each Person’s Body Perfectly. It Also Doesn’t Transfer Motion, for a Peaceful Undisturbed Sleep Even if Your Partner Moves at Night…”

Lianyi Mattress, Provide 10 years warranty